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Illegal Debt Collection? Debt Collection Law Protects You

The federal debt collection law, called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides very specific rules about what third-party debt collectors can and cannot do when it comes to collecting debts. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what constitutes illegal debt collection and never their rights under the FDCPA. When that happens, they become victims of illegal debt collection.

Broadly speaking, federal debt collection law forbids debt collection agencies from harassing you, embarrassing you, threatening you, and misleading you. It’s designed to preserve your dignity and respect, as well as to ensure that you actually owe the money the debt agency is trying to collect.

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Harassing you
Embarrassing you
Threatening you
Misleading you

If you’ve been the victim of illegal debt collection practices, you should know that the FDCPA debt collection law outlines penalties for debt collection agencies that break the law. You can recover up to $1,000, plus actual damages and attorney fees. The legal team at Debt & Credit Lawyer will provide you with a free case evaluation, and will represent you free of charge if you’ve been the victim of illegal debt collection practices. Call 203-529-5100 to get help.