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Lemberg Law handles all facets of debt resolution, with the single-minded goal to keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

We take a two-pronged approach to helping our clients get back on track. First, we do the nuts-and-bolts work of negotiating debt settlements, correcting credit report errors, and filing bankruptcies. Second, we use our deep knowledge of state and federal consumer law to leverage creditor violations in order to negotiate debt reduction and to recover money.

Help that’s Effective and Affordable

We ask questions. We listen to you. Then, we provide you with options that meet your goals – all at affordable fees. We don’t charge a dime until the work is completed, and only charge fees until the issue is resolved.

Unsecured Debt Resolution (except student loans and mortgage loans): One-time $50 retainer plus 10% of debt total

Credit Report Errors: One-time $50 retainer plus

1 Account – $59.95/month
2 Accounts – $89.95/month
3 Accounts – $109.95/month
Additional accounts – $20/month

Bankruptcy: $995 plus court filing fees

Debt Harassment, Robocall, and Fair Credit Cases: 100% Free for You

How Can We Help You?

Debt Negotiation and Settlement: By working with creditors to reduce the total outstanding debt, clients can more quickly get out of debt. Our negotiations often result in the elimination of charges and fees for late payments, credit limit overage, and interest. Beyond that, we are often able to slash debt by 40% to 60%. Proper documentation ensures that the debt is marked as legally settled, paving the way for improved credit. With this option, clients are able to avoid creditors’ legal actions and bankruptcy.

Fixing Credit Report Errors: Inaccurate credit report information can mean higher interest rates and credit rejection, and may even impact hiring and housing decisions. During our investigation into a credit report error, we’ll hold a creditor’s feet to the fire. We’ll dispute the item, insisting that the information furnisher produces evidence substantiating the error or removes the item. We’re routinely in contact with credit bureaus, creditors, and debt collection agencies to ensure that credit reports become and remain accurate.

Filing Bankruptcy: There are times when debt is so overwhelming that negotiating settlements with creditors won’t take care of the problem. If that’s the case, a bankruptcy discharge may be the best option for a fresh start. Our familiarity with bankruptcy law enables us to file cases at the right point in time and in the right way, both of which are key to avoiding dismissal by the court.

Challenging Debt Collection Harassment: The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act says it’s illegal for third-party debt collectors to harass consumers. We document violations such as excessive calling, abusive language, and disclosing debts to third parties, and then take the debt collector to court. We are often able to settle with the debt collector in order to wipe out some or all of the debt or to recover damages of up to $1,000.

Fighting Cell Phone Robocalls: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act regulates how and when companies can use automated dialers to call your cell phone. When they don’t obtain permission to call, debt collectors and others may violate the law. When this occurs, we’re able to file suit against the company and ask for statutory damages of $500 to $1,500 per call.

Suing for Credit Report Problems: The Fair Credit Reporting Act was designed to ensure that consumer credit reports are accurate. Debt collectors and creditors often report inaccurate information, don’t investigate disputes, or don’t report when a debt has been paid. We look for violations and will take information furnishers to court, potentially recovering up to $1,000 in damages.

Lemberg Law has the knowledge – and the track record – to both guide our clients toward getting their finances in order and to make consumer protection laws work in their favor.