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We Make Lemon Manufacturers Pay

We get results. We’ve helped more than 15,000 consumers recover more than $35 million. When an automaker doesn’t do what’s right, we hold them accountable – and we make them pay. We routinely recover cash settlements, refunds, and replacement vehicles for our clients.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what a few of our clients have said:

You Righted a Wrong

We are writing to express our sincere thanks and to convey how very pleased we have been, from first contact, with the services provided by your firm – in particular by the attorney who handled our case, Vlad Hirnyk. Every e-mail sent or phone call made to your firm was answered not only promptly, but virtually immediately. Mr. Hirnyk patiently explained every legal concept – including what was possible and what was not – under existing state and federal consumer law. Prior to contacting you, we had tried repeatedly to handle this matter without threatening litigation…to simply get Honda to repair their vehicle and honor their warranty. Over and over and over again, the car was returned to us in disrepair, with them even causing further damage by breaking a hose, failing to replace an engine cover, and leaving nuts and bolts loose and falling to the floor. In the end, not only were they unapologetic, but they were dismissive – even of an attorney friend who called on our behalf. The case manager often took days or weeks to return phone calls, and when she did it was to assure us we had no option but to make our payments and live out the lease with this damaged, conceivably dangerous, vehicle – a vehicle which is our ONLY transportation and in which we regularly transport our three-year-old grandson. We were in disbelief…not only that Honda was flagrantly intending to dishonor their warranty, but that they were equally flagrantly confident there was nothing we could do about it. We realize that ours is just one small case among many – and many more serious – but are heartened by the fact that you accepted it and represented us with a professionalism that belied the small dollar amount. Know that you, Vlad, and your firm did a good thing. You took on a big company for little people and righted a wrong. For this we are grateful.

Theresa and Mark S.

Professionalism and Timeliness

Thank you and your team at Lemberg Law for the exceptional work you did on my behalf. I have never experienced the level of care, professionalism, timeliness in follow-through, and monetary compensation obtained through your firm. I will not hesitate to contact you or recommend your services to others for pertinent legal issues. Please keep up the outstanding work you do, and again, thank you for assisting me through this difficult time. I am most grateful. I can’t say thank you enough!

Joanne G.

Better Than I Could Have Hoped

Thank you for all the work you have done on my behalf. I truly appreciate the blessing you have bestowed upon me. I didn’t realize I would be receiving any money from this wretched affair. I am taken aback by what you have accomplished on my behalf. This has turned out better than I could have hoped. I am appreciative of your services and feel blessed. Thank you!

Therese W.

Professional, Courteous, and Efficient

The team at Lemberg Law was professional, courteous, and efficient. Their grasp of consumer protection laws and guidelines are second to none, and they work extremely hard to ensure this process is client-friendly. I have had experiences before with legal teams and I can say without a doubt that Lemberg Law has certainly earned their reputation the old fashioned way…being relentless in representing their client’s best interest.

J. Colbert

Peace of Mind

I can’t begin to tell you how happy this makes me. It is really comforting to know that there are people willing to do the things you have done. I am very luck to have found you guys, and was never worried about anything. I think that in the end was the best part for me, piece of mind. I have the release here and have signed it; I will fax it within the hour.

Frank B.
Everett, MA

Went Out of Your Way

I just wanted to let you know we received the check from your office on today and I wanted to take a moment to tell you that we really appreciate all of your efforts in this matter. You, as well as your staff and office, went out of your way to be helpful, keep us updated, and handle everything to lessen the pressure on us. We are very grateful for all the help you have given us and making this so easy on us. We will definitely be recommending you to any friends who might be in a similar situation. Again, thank you so much for everything.

N. S.
Travis, CA

Quick, Efficient, and So Professional

Thanks again for your assistance in bringing this case to an amicable close. You were quick, efficient, and so professional. The last time I had to have an attorney for a civil matter, it was not a pleasant experience, so I truly appreciated you! I will definitely refer your name should I be asked.

Robin M.
Philadelphia, PA

Kindness and Professionalism

As we discussed on the telephone earlier today, this settlement is perfectly acceptable to me. I want to thank you and all your cohorts at Lemberg Law for a job handled so professionally. Please let Amy, the first person who contacted me from Lemberg, know how much I appreciate her efforts, kindness, and professionalism.

David T.

You Have Restored My Faith

Thank you so much for handling my case. In the past, I didn’t trust attorneys. I had bad experiences and didn’t believe lawyers fought for you anymore. You have restored my faith. You took on my case, never asked for a retainer, and you won without every having met me. Thank you.

Nicole P.